The Little Midrash Says Treasure Chest 2

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    11.25" x 8.75" x 1"  980g


A Delightful Collection of True Stories from Our Sages Just as a weary desert traveler who has come upon a fresh water source delights no end in the crystal clear, sparkling liquid, so do we always thirst for more of the pure and uplifting, true tales of our Sages. with this long-awaited second volume, we enter a world of colorful characters - simple folks, like Yuta the tailor; villains, such as the sinister innkeeper who planned to rob Rebbi Meir of his money; and a host of righteous Sages, among them Hillel and Shammai and Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi. Long after a narrative's particulars have faded from memory, its timeless message lingers on. There are tales suitable for Shabbos, for Yom Tov, and all of them make for a superb bedtime treat. Teachers and counselors can confidently draw from this rich collection, which has been carefully researched from the original sources.





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