The Artscroll Children's Megillah - Hardback

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Purim is the most festive day on the Jewish calendar, and the most exciting for children.
This Megillah brings the story of the holiday to life for them. They will be enthralled and enchanted as they "watch" the Purim miracle unfold.
Shmuel Blitz, the author of the acclaimed and popular ArtScroll Children's Siddur and the ArtScroll Children's Haggadah designed this Megillas Esther to fascinate children of all ages. Tova Katz's vibrant illustrations sparkle on every page. The complete Hebrew text is large and clear, the simplified translation is lively, and fascinating information is packed into child-friendly "Did You Know?" and "A Closer Look" boxes.
Give this book to children and watch them settle down as the world of ancient Persia opens before them with charm and colourful detail. They'll flip page after page with delight.
Look at it yourself - you'll be surprised at how delightful and informative it is.
Visually exciting, educational and entertaining, this is a wonderful way to include your children in a primary mitzvah of Purim. Rabbi Nosson Scherman's Introduction and the Selected Laws will add meaning and understanding to their entire holiday.
And like all the books in ArtScrolls Youth Series, it will create warm holiday memories your family will cherish long after the graggers have been put away.





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