People Speak 6

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…a private investigator tries to help a family who is being cheated out of their inheritance by a greedy brother-in-law… …a soldier has only partial use of his hand after a parachuting accident, but years later his disability saves the lives of his entire family… …two devoted and caring parents decide to go on strike to teach their spoiled children to take responsibility for themselves… …a teenage boy rescues a baby from certain death during the tractor-rampage terrorist attack that took place in Jerusalem in 2008. Little does he realize that it’s the baby who is actually saving him… …a diamond merchant must flee for his life when he finds himself trapped in a war-torn country whose dictator is trying to pass off glass crystals for real gems… …our old Yerushalmi friend from Meah Shearim returns with more escapades from his colourful life, including the time he was mistaken for a holy Kabbalist …People Speak is back with a new installment in this much beloved series! Rabbi Walder’s storytelling prowess continues to take us on a journey into people’s lives, painting for us a vivid picture of their hardships as well as their triumphs. These real-life stories have been hand selected from the multitude of letters that fill Rabbi Walder’s post-office box — each for the meaningful message it conveys and the life lessons to be learned from it. Translated into several languages, Rabbi Walder’s books are best sellers across the globe.





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