The Little Midrash Says - Yehoshua

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The sixth volume in the popular, "The Little Midrash Says," series, covering the Book of Yehoshua. In it readers will become acquainted with Yehoshua, Kalev, and Tzelafchad's five daughters. Readers will also meet Rachav, who risks her life to save the Jewish spies, and they will learn the fascinating details of the conquest and distribution of Eretz Canaan. The Midrash or Aggadic section of the Oral Tradition provides the background, the motivations, and the stories behind the biblical text which may seem sometimes dry and incomprehensible to an unlearned reader. It is the allegories and illustrations, of the Midrash which make the Jewish biblical tradition so much more full and alive. The Midrash Says is both an anthology and a very readable translation. It contains Midrashic material from Midrash Raba, Tanhuma, Yalkut Shimoni, and many smaller Midrashim, much of which never appeared in English. Rabbi Moshe Weissman has produced one of the most original and authentic works of our generation. His clear grasp of the drush, the homily, and their flow makes the most difficult ideas easy to understand and a pleasure to read.





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