Travel Kosherlamp Black

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The KosherLamp that goes where you go Now you can bring this KosherLamp with you on all your travels. Whether you're spending Shabbos out-of-town with family or are staying at a hotel, Travel KosherLamp is compact, light-weight and so easy to use. It's small enough to fit in a carry-on bag or backpack and can even be used for International Travel thanks to its universal AC/DC power adapter. Height when in Closed Position: 4.6" Height in Open Position: 7 Travel KosherLamp Features: compact and sturdy design for travel bright LED lights LED lights rated for a lifetime of >30,000 hours designed for use at home or across the World comes with an attractive travel bag easy twist and lift operation just plug it in and turn it on, no recharging Here's what you get with your Travel KosherLamp AC/DC Power Adapter: Take the Travel KosherLamp anywhere in the world. 





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