Darkness to Destiny

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Once a year, it is a mitzvah for us to tell a story... The recounting of the Exodus from Egypt forms the centrepiece of the Seder. This story has a unique aspect to it, for it needs to be told as if we are experiencing it in the present. Thus we are told in the Haggadah: In each and every generation, a person is obligated to see himself as if he came out of Egypt. Why is it so important to tell the story as if it is happening to us now? After all,we left Egypt long, long ago! In this remarkable, easy-to-read, and thought-provoking commentary on the Passover Haggadah, Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein brings a wealth of sources, a lucidity of thought, and tremendous originality in order to help understand what the goal of the Seder really us, and how we can best experience this powerful evening.





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