Emanuel Chanukah Menorah & Shabbat Candles - Blue

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    Length 19.5cm/7.7" Height 3.8cm/1.5"  540g


This practical design combines a traditional chanukiah with Shabbat candlesticks for a magnificent combined piece of Judaica. The Chanukiah features nine holes, with words printed on one side from one of the blessings said when lighting the Chanukah candles: "she'asah nissim la'avoteinu bayamim hahem bazman hazeh"/ "who made miracle for our forefathers in their days (and) in this time". The reverse side has two large candle holders for Shabbat and has the phrase "lehadlik ner shel shabbat"/ "to light the Shabbat candles" - printed on the opposite side. This chanukiah would make a stunning and practical addition to any home.

The Chanukiah is suitable for use with standard-sized Chanukah candles or pre-filled oil cups.

The Shabbat candle holders can be used with tealights or with standard-sized Shabbat candles  





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