Taking Care of Mom, Taking Care of Me

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Are you a member of the "Sadwich Generation"?  Are you caught between raising a family and taking care of an ailing parent?  The challenge this situation presents can be exceedingly difficult to handle. You're pulled in every direction and there isn't enough time in the day to satisfy everyone.  You can't do enough for your children and your ailing parent still needs so much.  Life seems almost impossible to manage.  Still, you can persevere!  Sima Schloss, the auther of Starting Over: Using Torah and the Twelve Steps to Find Happiness, knows only too well how you might be feeling.  in the space of five years, she confronted the sickness and loss of seven close family members.  While these years were trying, they were also a source of tremendous spiritual growth.  Read about her journey of pain and healing, and allow her insights to be a source of comfort and support for you as well.





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