Koren English Talmud - Medium. Vol. 10 Sukka

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There are five chapters in tractate Sukka, each dealing with a well-defined topic:

Chapter One defines of the concept of sukka in terms of its structure and dimensions. 
Chapter Two determines the parameters of the mitzva of residing in the sukka and its obligations. 
Chapter Three defines the essence and the measures of the four species and describes the manner in which the mitzva is fulfilled. 
Chapter Four determines the relationship between the mitzvot of the Festival performed in the Temple and those performed outside the Temple, and explains the halakhot of the festival of Sukkot transmitted to Moses from Sinai. 
Chapter Five discusses the celebration of the festival of Sukkot in the Temple, the mitzva of rejoicing on the Festival, and the special offerings sacrificed on Sukkot.





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