Strive For Truth

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Michtav Me’Eliyahu has become a classic of modern Torah thought, widely read and studied. Rabbi Carmell who composed this from the works of Rav Dessler then went on to render into matchless English selected essays from the Hebrew work, which became a six-part series entitled Strive for Truth! This series which was received with resounding acclaim, introduces us to some of Rabbi Dessler’s basic ideas and penetrating insights on the confusing, bewildering world around us. 

The essays in the first volume of this set and the first half of the second volume, comprising Parts 1, 2 and 3 of Strive for Truth!, explore and illuminate basic concepts in Judaism such as faith and trust, free will, lovingkindness, the power of the yetzer and repentance. The second half of the second volume, Part 4 of Strive for Truth! (originally entitled Sanctuaries in Time), takes the reader on a fascinating spiritual tour of the Festivals, fasts, and Holy Days of the Jewish year. Educators and students alike will delight in the many inspiring thoughts from one of mussar’s great masters.





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