Teshuvah: A Guide for the Newly Observant Jew

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Teshuvah ("return") is personal, multifaceted spiritual reawakening, a desire to strengthen the connection between oneself and the sacred. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz's Teshuvah is not inteded as a call to action, or an attempt to convince anyone to take that path. Rather, it is addressed to those who are already considering teshuvah, whose who have already resolved to undertake it or have already begun. The book is offered to the ba'al teshuvahas advice and guidance in dealing with some of the difficulties likely to be encountered along the way. It addresses matters of principle and spiritual orientation: what the observances mean, how they are related, and once embarked on the path of teshuvah how one is to relate to self, family, and the surrounding society. 





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