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Halachic Debates of Current Events World events are catalysts for all sorts of change. Headlines 3: Halachic Debates of Current Events, a sequel to the highly acclaimed first volume of Headlines, is a halachic analysis of some of the most notable issues in current events. With its remarkable array of Torah sources, and including radio interviews with leading halachic experts, Dovid Lichtenstein’s book will fascinate both laymen and scholars interested in contemporary halachic issues. Indeed, this work is a testament to the timeless nature of Torah law in confronting even the most modern dilemmas. PRAISE FOR THE FIRST VOLUME OF HEADLINES: “Dazzling... The questions you discuss are extremely enlightening and stimulating... These are questions that engage thinking people, but rarely do the disputants delve into halachic sources... [This work shows] that the Torah speaks authoritatively to every age and every question.” — Rabbi Nosson Scherman, ARTSCROLL PUBLISHING “It is a great endeavor to show how Halacha addresses actual and practical matters, for this is the honor of Torah and the main purpose of Torah study.” — Rabbi Herschel Schachter, ROSH YESHIVA, RABBI ISAAC ELCHANAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY APPROBATIONS FOR THE AUTHOR’S MISHNA ACHARONA: “I was very happy to see selections of your new book... discussing contemporary issues that were not explicitly addressed by the earlier generations; it is beneficial to present the relevant sources... On a personal note, the sweet flavor of our learning together bechavrusa in Yeshivas Mir is still with me... May you continue to open new, pleasant vistas of Torah in future publications.” — Rabbi Raphael Shmuelevitz, YESHIVAS MIR YERUSHALAYIM, ISRAEL “The author, with much wisdom, succeeded both quantitatively and qualitatively in setting forth all [relevant] opinions.” — Rabbi Zalman Nehemia Goldberg, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL “It is obvious from this work that he exerted much effort to provide us with a thorough work.” — Rabbi J. J. Neuwirth, AUTHOR OF SHEMIRAS SHABBOS K’HILCHASA “Rabbi Dovid Lichtenstein shlit”a, with much effort, has the merit of having created a beautiful and proper work.” — Rabbi Azriel Auerbach, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL





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