I Thought It Would Be Different

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This important guide will help one deal with one of the most difficult of all people—the abusive personality, whether it’s a family member, friend, employer, colleague, or neighbor. It teaches us how to recognize, neutralize, and deal with what is surely one of the most devastating attacks on our spirit. “My tefila to Hashem is that every couple reads this work so that they can understand, identify and resolve any issues of abuse early on in their marriage. I am a firm believer in education prior to marriage as being the most helpful tool in generating healthier Torah marriages for the future. This book, I hope, will be used not only in the context of marriage with serious abuse, but rather as a means to build healthier, stronger and everlasting marriages in Klal Yisroel.” - Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, posek of Shalom Task Force.





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