Building Eternity

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What makes a Torah-true marriage unique? What are the layers of meaning inherent in it? How is marriage different from any other relationship in our lives? Ultimately we all seek connection in marriage. By linking our destiny to another person's, we add a dimension to ourselves that we cannot develop on our own. Building Eternity: A New Perspective on the Meaning of Marriage is a book that will take us on a journey through our classical sources, exploring the depth of this wondrous relationship. Through midrashim and maamarei Chazal, rishonim and acharonim, Rabbi Daniel Rose reveals how marriage serves as a vehicle for unprecedented personal growth. In these pages we learn how to enrich our bond with our spouse, our relationship with Hashem...and even the way we understand ourselves.
For anyone who wants to understand this most sacred relationship in a new light, this book will elevate their outlook on marriage forever.





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