Let Me Join Your Nation

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A gentile princess from a depraved and pagan nation—known for its selfishness and ingratitude—abandons a life of wealth and privilege in order to join the Jewish people as a penniless convert. How will she survive? In Let Me Join Your Nation, the beloved Megillas Ruth comes alive, thanks to the talented pen of Rabbi Yosef Deutsch, author of the best-selling Let My Nation series. Rabbi Deutsch once again gives us a behind-the-scenes look at another seminal event in Jewish history: the planting and harvesting of the seed of Mashiach. He seamlessly weaves together sources from the teachings of Chazal, the Rishonim and the Acharonim, affording readers a broader understanding of the Megillah's events and lessons. Ruth's challenges, hardships and ultimate triumph demonstrate Hashem's constant providence over His beloved people. She is a role model for all Jews, an example of how one's sincere desire to cling to Hashem is rewarded for all eternity. Let Me Join Your Nation will let you experience her inspiring story in a unique and delightful way.





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